A Complete Emergency Preparedness Plan

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If you are preparing for the Big Earthquake, the Great Flood, the total breakdown of law and order in your area, fires, or any other emergency, whether big or small, you need to make sure you have an Emergency preparedness plan. You need to be prepared or else you might find out the hard way that your friendly neighborhood grocery stores and convenience stores become very far from convenient in the event an emergency, whether natural or man-made, strikes. Keep the following tips in mind. You might want to create a checklist for each of these items so you have the proper items stocked and you don’t miss anything.

Stock Enough Food and Water

This part of the list is quite obvious. You need to stock enough food and water for you and your family to live through a calamity. However, merely stocking canned food or instant noodle soup is not enough. You have to think through your food choices. Find out about which food items are the most critical during an emergency by going to the Sold Out After Crisis Reviews site.

First, you shouldn’t stock food that requires hot water. Why?

You might not have access to firewood or electricity or other types of heat sources if an emergency strikes. Since you don’t have access, all that stocked instant noodle meals would be just wasted-unless you want to eat the noodles dry.

Second, you need to focus on defining ‘enough.’ This can impact how much food you store and for how long. The good news is that most canned food items can keep for several years under normal conditions. The bad news is that you still have to keep track of your food stores and be ready to toss out expired items unless you want to be shocked by opening cans of spoiled food.

Know First Aid and Stock Proper Medical Supplies

When it comes to medical assistance, make sure you and your whole family know First Aid basics. These are fairly easy to understand and learn. Make sure you are able to make full use of your newly acquired first aid training by making sure you keep the proper medical supplies. These should be able to handle the basics like disinfecting wounds, dressing wounds, setting broken bones, and other common trauma- or accident-related injuries.

Have the proper security/defense equipment

glattack1This is one of the most difficult decision you will have to make when it comes to preparing your family for emergencies. You need to protect your family in the event of an emergency. When there is a major storm, flooding, or earthquake, one of the first things to go is usually law and order.

Looting is a common experience.

However, if the emergency drags on for some time, like during Hurricane Katrina, law and order can truly break out as people forage for supplies. This can lead to friction and crime. To protect yourself and your family’s physical safety, you need to have the proper defense equipment.

Depending on the laws in your area, your choices may range from simple baseball bats, crowbars, and short knives to shotguns, assault rifles, and, of course, handguns.

Check with the laws in your local jurisdiction.

Regardless of which particular defense equipment you choose, make sure you take the necessary classes so you know how to use the equipment well. Nothing is more dangerous than a gun in untrained hands. You wouldn’t be protecting anyone if you are going to use a gun or other weapon without adequate training.

Follow the emergency plan above. Make checklists. Make sure all members of your family know where your supplies are and have the proper first aid and other training. Don’t let circumstances take you and your loved ones by surprise.

Prepare now!

Learning Pilates in Singapore

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If you are looking to tone your muscles, look better, and feel better, you might want to try learning Pilates. Pilates is a fairly low impact way of working out. Instead of working you up into a sweat with heavy duty cardiovascular exercises or heavy-impact weight training, Pilates is a very versatile way to get toned.

Pilates can also help you lose weight.

That’s right-by stretching your muscles, your muscles burn up calories and your body uses up calories after you work out. Pilates makes for a great low-impact calorie-burning regimen. This is a more mellow approach compared to the typical cardiovascular workout that leaves you huffing, puffing, and sweating profusely.

If you have a busy schedule, the flexibility and low-impact yet effective approach of Pilates is precisely what you need.

As Singapore Pilates classes increases in popularity, it is very important that you find the right teacher.


It seems that whenever there is a new fitness trend, all sorts of self-proclaimed ‘experts’ crawl out of the woodwork in a mad dash to capitalize on the trend. As a result, people looking for real expert assistance burn out on the particular fitness regimen because they happened to contract with someone who doesn’t have a clear idea about the particular fitness regimen. This is definitely the case with Pilates.

The key to learning Pilates in Singapore is to find the right teacher. Follow the tips below so you don’t waste time, effort, money, and energy getting instructions from a sub-standard instructor.


Since it seems that every passing week in Singapore, more and more people are claiming to be Pilates instructors, you need an effective and quick way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Simply asking how long a would-be instructor has been teaching Pilates class is a good way to filter your choices. Experience matters. While people can read the basics of Pilates from books, there is nothing like practical experience to highlight best practices, best approaches, and most efficient routines.


Whenever you hire someone to train you or instruct you, you need to evaluate that person’s personality. The best Pilates instructors in Singapore are individuals who have the temperament and patience to step a student through many different Pilates routines.

You need someone who won’t rush you through your paces. You need someone who is gentle and more than willing to explain each routine and its benefits. The best Pilates instructors operate out of a genuine passion in helping students achieve their fitness objectives.


Let’s face it, if you are a typical Singapore resident, you have a busy schedule. There are just so many things and commitments competing for your time. Oftentimes, you might find yourself needing to reschedule your Pilates sessions. The best instructors are very flexible regarding scheduling. Of course, you need to give them enough lead time. Expect to pay a fee if you are going to cancel at the last minute regardless of who you go with.

Pilates delivers a wide range of benefits that can make you feel better, look better, and think better. To fully unlock these benefits, you need to devote the proper amount of time and effort in looking for a Pilates instructor in Singapore.

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